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Interpretation, translation, and project coordination Our professional staff is well versed in the language services industry, providing support as a team

We provide interpretation in English  Japanese or  between multiple language pairs and our expertise spans fields such as: 
Entertainment, sports, legal (criminal or civil), gaming, IT, international conferences, insurance, etc.

About US

Interpretation, translation, and project coordination from Las Vegas to anywhere in the world

Multi-language services: We provide services in English/Japanese and other languages in South America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East
We guarantee you will be qualified with the quality of our translation and interpretation services.
Coordination: In addition to interpretation and translation services, we also manage projects or even a series of projects.

Project coordination services such as setting up venues around the world and procurement of equipment and personnel are also available. A team of professionals specializing in various industries will provide all the support you need.

Achievements in interpreting and translation

cameraman on the set of a TV show

Simultaneous interpretation for TV, newspapers, magazines, etc.

• Simultaneous interpretation for presentation by Mr. Akio Toyoda at CES2020 Woven City Project

•Teruyuki Kagawa photography for Toyota's CM on Toyota Times

•TV Osaka “Ryota Murata final battle in Las Vegas! / Ultimate entertainment is here” Press conference by the boxer Ryota Murata / Simultaneous interpreting for exclusive interview of the President of MGM Resorts

•Naoya Inoue interview subtitle translation

•”Osaka transforms into a resort!? Special program by Koyabu “What is an IR?”

•TV Osaka IR special program “Lady Gaga Show” 

•Interpretation of address by Zoom CEO Eric Yuan / Wonderful & Great Company Tour by Funai Consulting Inc. (Headquarters in Silicon Valley)

•NHK World “Art of Tradition (Japanese menu cooking contest)” hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

•Interpretation for Chef Yoshihiro Murata of Kikunoi (a long-established restaurant that received Michelin 3-star rating) and a figure skater Fumie Suguri

•Interpretation for Panasonic CEO Tom Gebhardt for his press conference at CES 2017 and 2018

•Simultaneous interpretation for Mr. Tim Figge, CEO of Hussmann Corporation, a Panasonic company in a round table with journalists from Asahi Shimbun, Mainichi Shimbun, Yomiuri Shimbun, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Kyodo News, Nihon Kogyo Shimbun, freelance journalists, etc.

•Conversation between Mr, James Murren (MGM Resorts CEO) and a contemporary artist Kisho Mukaiyama for Pen Magazine

•Coordinated MGM Resorts radio CM recording

•Caesars Entertainment media tour

•Dragon Ball Legends Show Interview during the 6-hour live broadcasting of Down in Las Vegas eSports World Tournament

•Simultaneous Interpretation of Keynote Speech by Mr. Carlos Ghosn, Chairman of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. at CES

•Simultaneous interpretation of press conference for Nissan new model launch ceremony (LEAF 2018)

•TV Tokyo Akira Ikegami's thorough commentary “Nikkei Special: Future Century Zipangu, Booming Economics, the Secret of Las Vegas popularity!” Interview of Mr. Bill Hornbuckle (former president and current chairman of MGM Resorts International)

•Conversation between Mr. Steve Wynn and Jiro Asada (Naoki Prize-winning author) hosted by Weekly Diamond

•Interpretation of press conference “2003 K-1 World Grand Prix in Las Vegas” Interview and interpretation for Mike Tyson, Bob Sapp and Director Ishii of Seido Kaikan

•Interpretation of Interview for Mr. Kazuto Ioka (HBO Boxing World Champion dominating 4 classes)

•Interpretation of press conference for Chairman of Hino Motors at ground-breaking ceremony for the Marion, Arkansas plant

•Interpretation of press conference at LPGA Women’s Professional Golf Takefuji Classic Tournament
Interpretation of TV interview in JETRO Global Eye “The World Now”

•Interpretation of interview for Gambling Compliance Magazine

Wide empty view of the Capitol Building in Washington DC, USA un

Government relations (central ministries of Japanese government, U.S. federal government and municipalities)

• Japan-U.S. Talks Japan-Canada Parliamentary League Mr. Tony Atkins (Speaker of the House of Representatives), Mr. Anthony Rendon (Speaker of the House of Representatives)

•US-Japan Talks, Japan Coast Guard and US Coast Guard

•Japanese House of Representatives official delegation for research of political and economic status in the United States, meeting with Ms. Susie Lee (U.S. House of Representatives)

•Cabinet Minister Mr. Masaji Matsuyama (in charge of Promoting Dynamic Engagement of All Citizens, from the fourth Abe Cabinet)

•Cabinet Minister Mr. Junzo Yamamoto (Minister of Disaster Management, State Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Chairman of the Steering Committee of the House of Councillors, Chairman of the National Public Safety Commission) Cabinet Office Parliamentary Vice-Minister, Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, Minister of State, Cabinet Office, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs

•Interpreted conversation between Mr. Michael Huckabee (US presidential candidate) and Mr. Hebikawa (Former chairman of Toyota Motor Corp.)

•Interpreted for Mr. Charles Ripken (Under Secretary for Economic and Commerce, Department of State (Obama administration))

•U.S. Federal Government, Department of Energy, Cabinet Office, Nuclear Regulatory Commission

•Simultaneous interpretation of seminar on emergency measures and follow-up research on radioactive contamination (Cabinet Office Atomic Energy Agency, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Applied Geology Co., Ltd.)

•U.S. Airforce Nellis Airforce Base

•Interpretation for Tokyo Metropolitan Government's tour to casinos and convention facilities

•Conversation among Hino Motors Chairman Jagawa, Congressman Marion Berry, Senator Mark Pryor, and Senator Blanche Lincoln at the Congressional Office Building in Washington, DC.

•Interpretation in the meeting of Japanese Consulate Honorary Consul General Kathleen Blakely and Hiroshima Prefectural Assembly

•Interpretation of seminar by Ms. Gary Schroder, City Council Member of Henderson, Nevada

•Interpretation for Governor of Arkansas, Mayor of Marion City and Mayor of West Memphis

•Interpretation of presentation for Kobe City Minato General Bureau's business attraction plan

•Interpreted for Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and Las Vegas Tourism Board

•Hiroshima Prefectural Assembly inspection team visiting the Nevada Atomic Bomb Museum

•Meeting of Former Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, Nevada Gaming Regulatory Commissioner Becky Harris and Wakayama Prefectural Government

The croupier holds a roulette ball in a casino in his hand.

Interpretation of Casino-related IR inspection meeting

•General Manager, Development Promotion Office, Specified Complex Tourist Facilities Area, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of Japan

•Mr. Toshiya Morishige, Secretariat Director of Headquarters of Development Promotion Office, Specified Complex Tourist Facilities Area

•Mr. Steve Wynn (Former Chairman of Wynn Resorts), Mr. Matt Maddox, Chairman Craig Billings

•Mr. Chris Gordon (Chairman of Wynn Resorts Development)

•Mr. Jim Murren (Former Chairman of MGM Resorts International), Mr. Bill Hornbuckle (Charman )

•MGM Resorts Japan CEO Ed Bowers, President Jason Hyland, Vice President Kevin Sullivan Venetian/Palazzo/Sands Expo COO Robert Goldstein, President George Markantonis and Vice President Kristen Dimond

•Business discussion between Venetian Hotel and a Director of Funai Research Institute

•Interview by Sankei Shimbun Economic Department with Caesars Entertainment Chairman Mark Frissora and President Gary Selesner

•Interpretation of meeting between Mayor of Sasebo City and Wynn Resorts Vice President

•Nevada Gaming Authority, Louisiana Gaming Authority, Pennsylvania Gaming Authority, Massachusetts Gaming Authority, New Jersey Gaming Authority

•Problem Gambling Center

•UNLV International Gaming Institute

•Professor William Thompson, Professor Bo Bernhard, Professor Jennifer Roberts, Professor Anthony Cabot

•Former Konami Gaming Chairman Mr. Tetsu Sakamoto, Current Chairman Mr. Steve Sutherland, Vice President Mr. Kazuki Kozuki, Vice President Thomas Jingoli

•Gaming Laboratory International (slot machine testing institution) CEO Ian Hughes

•Visit to behind-the-scene Surveillance Rooms of Wynn, ARIA, Caesars Palace, Venetian Casinos

•Meeting by Tokyo Deputy Governor Mr. Takeo Hamauzu, Las Vegas Tourism Bureau and Caesar's Palace President

•Interpretation for Tokyo Metropolitan Government Port Authority's visit to IR Facility, UNLV, Problem Gambling Center and Las Vegas Tourism Bureau

•Mainichi Shimbun's visit to Integrated Resort and Sam's Town Casino

•Visit to MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Conference, Exposition) facilities with casino

Law theme, mallet of the judge, law enforcement officers, evidence-based cases and documents taken into account.

Court interpretation

•Trial of Wynn Resorts Chairman Mr. Steve Wynn, Universal Entertainment President Mr. Kazuo Okada

•Pocky registered trademark infringement lawsuit involving Ezaki Glico and Lotte

Group of diverse businesspeople smiling while discussing paperwork together during a meeting around a table in a modern office

Interpretation of business meetings and talks

•Simultaneous interpretation for Amazon Japan official meetings (shareholder meetings, acquisition meetings, etc., for VIPs)

•Meeting of President of Disney Pictures, President of Sony Pictures and Chairman of Shochiku Films

•Meeting of Chairman of Hino Motors, Chairman of Toyota Motors, Chairman of Wal-Mart and Chairman of FedEx in Memphis, Tennessee

•Meeting of JR West and Fremont Experience Limited Liability Company

•Business talks involving Trick Art Museum and Stratosphere Tower Hotel

•MPAA Motion Pictures Associations of America

•Business talks involving Softbank baseball team and Top Golf company

one dissolves stadium the orbit of athletics

International Sports Events

•Interpreted for Mr. Koji Murofushi (shot put) at 1996 Universiade Student Olympics

Speaker giving a talk in conference hall at business event. Audience at the conference hall. Business and Entrepreneurship concept. Focus on unrecognizable people in audience.

International conferences, symposiums, academic conferences, seminars

•Simultaneous interpretation at North American Neuromodulation Society

•SPCP Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals Annual Convention

•Simultaneous interpretation at a seminar by Art Makeup Association

•Simultaneous interpretation at a seminar on “Standard Act on Bloodborne Pathogens” by Occupational Safety and Health Organization (OSHA), Department of Labor

•Interpretation at a seminar on casino industry by UNLV Professor Thompson

•Interpretation of National Center of Responsible Gambling (NCRG ) media interview

•Interpretation for Dr. Dr. Hedy Kober of Yale University

•Interpretation for Dr. James Whelan of Memphis University

•Interpretation for Dr. Ken Winters of University of Minnesota

•Interpretation for Dr. David Hodgins of University of Calgary

•Interpretation at Nutrition Week of International Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition

•Interpretation at American Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN)

•Simultaneous interpretation at a seminar by the chairman of American Association of Chiropractors

•Interpretation at a seminar on food additives by Corbion Corporation at International Meeting of World Bakery

•Interpretation of a seminar “The secret of true organic Japanese tea” at the World Tea Expo

•Interpretation at a seminar by International Dry Cleaning Association

•Simultaneous interpretation at E&J Gallo International Summit

Shot of doctors shaking hands during a meeting in a hospital.

Inspection tour to companies, medical facilities and distribution centers

• Interpretation of conversation between Virgin Airline CEO Mr. Richard Branson and Salesforce CEO

•Interpretation of lecture by Zoom CEO

•Interpretation of discussion between Cirqu du Soleil and Funai Research Institute

•Tour to Lexus dealership

•Tour for inspection of Fashion Show Las Vegas distribution

•Visit to Las Vegas Awning Company

•Visit to GES Exposition Service

•Visit to El Jen Nursing Home and TLC Care Center

•Visit to 99 Ranch Market distribution facility

•Medical interpretation at Seven Hills Behavioral Institute

•Interpretation on the tour to Zappos

•Simultaneous interpretation at Mylan Pharmaceutical Incentive Tour Awards Ceremony

•Visit to Dignity Health General Hospital


Conventions, International Conferences and Others


•SEMA Show

•CES Consumer Electronics Show

•MAGIC Convention

•CinemaCon Cinema Convention

•NAHB U.S. Residential Building Trade Show

•World of Concrete

•CONEXPO Architecture Convention

•NAB National Association of Broadcasters

•MAGIC Fashion Convention

•International Sign Expo

•World Conference on Laundry and Dry Cleaning

•IFAI EXPO Comprehensive Exhibition of Industrial Textile Materials Equipment

•Momentum Mutatec National Dealer Conference

•National Funeral Directors Association

•Indoor Environment exhibition in Albuquerque, New Mexico

•Tokyo Book Fair

•World PC Expo

•Networld & Interop

•Tokyo Metrology Exhibition

•International Graphic Art Show (IGAS)

•TEPCO Heat Storage Air Conditioning Exhibition

•National Federation of Carriers Convention

•YAMAHA Private Show

•FOODEX JAPAN International Food and Beverage Exhibition

•International Baking Industry Exposition

•IMEX America


•Interpretation at construction site for spiral escalator installation work by Mitsubishi Electric

Our achievements include many other exhibitions, business negotiations, seminar interpretation, document translation and video subtitle translation.

Main Customers

(not in any particular order)

▶︎Governments / Municipalities

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry / Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism / Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare / Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications / Supreme Court of Japan / Japan National Tourism Organization / Ministry of Defense / National Police Agency / Metropolitan Police Department / Japan Coast Guard / FBI / CIA / US Coast Guard / United States Coast Guard / Cabinet Office Cabinet Secretariat Office for Promotion of Development of Specified Integrated Resort Areas / Office for Preparation of Establishment of Casino Management and Regulation Commission / Supervision and Investigation Department of Casino Administration Commission Secretariat / Japan Atomic Energy Commission / Secretariat for Cabinet Office Space Development Strategy Promotion / NASA / Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) / Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco / Liberal Democratic Party / Constitutional Democratic Party / U.S. Department of Energy / National Nuclear Security Administration / U.S. Airforce Nellis Airforce Base / Japanese Consulate / Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) / Tokyo Metropolitan Government / Hiroshima Prefectural Assembly / Kobe City Promotion Department Attraction Promotion Section / Sasebo City / Wakayama Prefectural Government / State of Nevada / State of Louisiana / State of Pennsylvania / State of Massachusetts / State of New Jersey / State of Arkansas / State of Tennessee / Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority / Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles / City of Las Vegas / City of Henderson

▶︎Casino operators / Gaming-related Companies and Academic Research Institutes

Wynn Resorts / MGM Resorts International / Sands/Venetian / Caesars Entertainment / Stratosphere Tower Casino / Konami Gaming / Kyoto University Institute for the Future or Human Society / Ritsumeikan University / Osaka University of Commerce / International Gaming Institute, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) / Yale University / University of Memphis / University of Calgary / University of Minnesota / State of Nevada / State of Louisiana / State of Pennsylvania / State of Massachusetts / State of New Jersey Gaming Authority / Problem Gambling Center / National Center of Responsible Gambling (NCRG ) / National Center of Problem Gambling (NCPG ) / Resourceful Center of Problem Gambling (RCPG )

▶︎Attorney’s Office / Court Interpretation



Toyota Motor / Nissan Motor / Honda Motor / NEC / SHARP / Hino Motors / Fujitsu / NTT Docomo / Toshiba / Panasonic / Mitsubishi Electric / YAMAHA / TESLA / Audi


Nisshin Flour Milling / Yamazaki Baking / Fujipan Co., Ltd. / Oriental Yeast Co., Ltd. / Japan Bakery Institute / Ezaki Glico / Lotte / Coca-Cola / Suntory / E&J Gallo Winery

▶︎Construction, Real Estate, Resort Development

Obayashi Corp. / Takenaka Corp. / Taisei Corp. / Shimizu Corp. / Toda Corporation / Nikken (Rental) / Murata Manufacturing / Mitsui Fudosan / Mori Building / Tokyu Land Corp. / Nomura Real Estate / Hoshino Resorts / Nikken Sekkei

▶︎Distribution, Service, Transportation Industry

Walmart / FedEx / UPS / Home Depot / Nihon Chokuhan / Fashion Show Mall / Forum Shops / Zappos / Autobacs / Japan Airlines / All Nippon Airways / Virgin Airline / JR West / Keihin Electric Express

▶︎TV Stations / Newspaper Companies / Publishers / Advertising Companies / Consulting Companies

TBS / TV Asahi / TV Tokyo / TV Osaka / HBO Boxing / Asahi Shimbun / Mainichi Shimbun / Yomiuri Shimbun / Nihon Keizai Shimbun / Sankei Shimbun / Nihon Kogyo Keizai Shimbun / Kyodo News / Nikkan Sports / Sports Nippon / Sankei Sports / Sports Hochi / Daily Sports / Tokyo Chunichi Sports / Tokyo Sports Newspaper / Nikkan Gendai / Evening Fuji / Kyodo News / Kadokawa Shoten / Diamond Inc. / Toyo Keizai / Dentsu Inc. / Hakuhodo Inc. / Gambling Compliance Magazine / Funai Research Institute / Nomura Research Institute

▶︎Arts / Entertainment / eSports

Disney / Sony Pictures / Cirque du Soleil / Yoshimoto Kogyo / Shochiku Geino / Toho Cinema / Aeon Cinema / Contents Overseas Distribution Association (CODA) / mixi (Social Network) / Professional Association for Motion Picture Association of America / Kadokawa Publishing / Yayoi Kusama and Shishu (Calligraphy) / Kisho Mukoyama (painter) / Tabaimo (painter) / Capcom / Bandai Namco / Imagine Dragon / Sean Kingston / TOMORO (rapper) / YOYOKA (drummer)

▶︎Professional Industry Associations

National Federation of Automobile Transport Workers / Nevada Trucking Association / Tokyo Trucking Association / Japan Auto Parts Industries Association / Japan Ventilation Duct Cleaning Association / Wi-Fi Alliance / All Japan Laundry & Dry Cleaning Association / Industrial Fabric Association International / Japan Leather and Leather Goods Industries Association/ Urban Renewal Coordinator Association of Japan / Japan Industrial Food Service Association / Japan Magazine Publishers Association

▶︎Medical / Pharmaceutical/Health-related Companies

Miyanomori Hospital / Koekisha Co., Ltd. / Mylan Inc. (Pharmaceutical) / AIG / Shinseido Pharmacy / Sunrise Hospital / Dignity Health / Meiji Medical Nutrition Sales Department / Abbott / Junwakai Memorial Hospital Pain Clinic / Kushiro Sanjikai Hospital Anesthesiology Department


Mizuho Bank / Nomura Securities / ORIX / AIG


Google / Amazon / Zoom / Akamai Technology

▶︎Travel Agency

JTB / HIS / Nippon Travel Agency / Kinki Nippon Tourist / JALPAK Tours

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Mami (Amy) Rios

No project is too big or too small. Feel free to reach out for small-scale requests as well. For example, we have also assisted individual clients with shopping trips, pharmacy and hospitals visits, and court hearings.

Let us handle setup of interpreting equipment such as simultaneous interpretation booths. We offer rental of portable interpretation equipment as well.

Awards Received:

2010 In Business Magazine Las Vegas Entrepreneur Award

2011 US Small Business Administration Nevada Small Business Award

Education & Credentials:

Bachelor of Arts – English Language and Education
Waseda University, Tokyo Japan
Waseda University ranks one of the top universities in Japan according to CWUR World University Rankings, scoring equivalent to Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Princeton and Yale University.
Certificate in Communication and Language Arts
UCLA University of California, Los Angeles

Certifications Held:

Certificate in Pre-licensing Financial and Background Investigation Program
University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) International Center for Gaming Regulation

Certificate of Completion
ISS Translators Simultaneous Interpreters Course
Nevada Supreme Court Interpreter Training Program
NITA Nevada Interpreters and Translators Association Simultaneous and Consecutive interpreter training

Certified Class A Conference Japanese Interpreter
Japan Interpreters Association

Certificated Japanese Translator
Nevada DMV Department of Motor Vehicle

ATA American Translator Association Member (Membership# 266560)

Tier 1 Local Emerging Small Business (ESB) Certification
Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Certification
Nevada Unified Certification Program
Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority
Nevada Department of Transportation
McCarran International Airport
Carson Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada

NCRG National Center for Responsible Gambling, Gambling and Addiction Certification

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